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What we do?
We help you save your computer from these deadly viruses.

• MALAWARE is a general name for all programs that are harmful; viruses, trojan, worms and all other similar programs.

• A COMPUTER VIRUS is a program, a block of executable code, which attach itself to, overwrite or otherwise replace another program in order to reproduce itself without a knowledge of a PC user. Viruses can destroy files and disks. Even benign viruses cause damage by occupying disk space and main memory, by using up CPU processing time.

• A TROJAN HORSE is a program that does something else that the user thought it would do. They are usually well disguised. The Trojan steals passwords and sends an E-mail to the hackers fake name and then the hacker has your account in his hands.

• A WORM is a program which spreads usually over network connections. Unlike a virus which attach itself to a host program, worms always need a host program to spread.


What is vCares all about?

vCares is a Delhi-based service provider for home & small businesses. vCares is a next -generation computer repairs and support company, providing superior technical assistance to home and small business consumers via phone, onsite and remote online access. The organization has set the highest published benchmarks with its resolution rate of 91% and customer satisfaction rate of 95%.

What Kind of services does vCares offer?

vCares serves as one-stop shop for all your tech support needs including computer repairs, servers support, networking, and entertainment devices. Our array of service also include support coverage for over 100 desktop and laptop software applications, servers, hardware devices, printers and peripherals, routers and modems.

Who is a Support technician? / Are your technicians qualified enough to work on my computer?

A Support technician is a Microsoft / Cisco / Red Hat qualified and experienced Desktop/Networking/Server technician, who can troubleshoot any type or error that may arise in Computer and networking. vCares hires Support technicians of high caliber. Our Support technicians are fully equipped to resolve the issues without wasting time and providing resolution to the customers.

Who should use vCares's Services?

Any individual or Company, who is looking for an affordable Technical Support with excellent quality of service should contact vCares. At the initial stages, we are providing complete support only to customers in Delhi ,NCR and North India. However, users from other parts of the country can avail our services through Email and Chat.

I've a small problem in my PC and I just need few minutes Expert help to get rid of problem..Why should I opt for yearly maintenance plan?

Well in that case you can opt for vCares's Per Incident Support plan where we fix the perticular problem and charge for that incident.

Do you support older computers?

The oldest computers we typically service are computers that have a Windows 95 operating system. That would make a computer about 10+ years old. If your PC is older it is more difficult to correct problems and prevent new problems from happening.

How safe is your remote computer support?

It is absolutely safe to use Remote Access with vCares since we are using safe and secure Microsoft’s Shared view Application(vCares is Microsoft Certified Partner). Customers need to download the remote access software directly from Microsoft Website. The customers can take or stop the Remote Access anytime they want during the trouble shooting process.

How does vCares Remote Desktop Solution Work?

vCares is using Microsoft’s Shared View Application to connect through Remote Desktop. It is already preinstalled in Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you ae using other versions of Windows like Windows 2000, etc., you have to download a small application from the Microsoft website and install it in your PC and have a Live ID to connect with your Support technician.

Will I not be compromising my security while on remote?

No, your data is absolutely secured as you will be able to view each and every action that we perform on the computer. More over the whole session gets recorded and you can disconnect the remote session anytime you want. Each and every action will be performed after having an approval from you.

What if my Computer or Server crashes. How will you help me then?

We will help you over the phone or onsite and help you configure everything from the scratch.

If my issue is not resolved, will I get the refund?

Yes, Definately. Although the customer has all the rights to call back vCares and reopen a case within 5 days. The Customer can raise a refund request within 10 days if the problem is not solved after reopening a case. Please note that our senior support technician will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim. Customer has to cooperate with the support technician to carry out the validation procedure.

Do you support Google Apps?

Yes, we support our customers to configure their web domains ( to use Google Apps applications and integrate its email, calendar, docs and spreadsheet URLs for your domain. We also undertake Exchange server to Google Apps Migration and vice versa.

How do I pay for vCares Services?

First of all, a customer has to register and create an account with vCares (it’s totally free), and they can call, E-mail, create online support case or chat with our technicians to fix their PC problem. Once the problem is identified, the customer will be charged online/Cash/Bank Transfers/Cheque or by Demand Draft. We are constantly working towards making our customer support experience as simple as possible.

What are your Mediums of contact?

You can give us a call at the numbers provided in contact us section. You can E-Mail us with call back number, call back time and issue description and can expect a call back. You can also raise an online case by submitting Contact Form at

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