A bit about us.

Headquartered in Delhi, vCares was founded by a highly experienced team passionate about raising the bar on service quality. vCares's customer approval rate of 95% and resolution rate of 91% are amongst the highest published benchmarks in the computer support industry.

What We Do


• Onsite Computer Repairs for homes and businesses.

• Remote Support and Software Assistance.

• Custom built computer systems (your specifications)

• Wireless networking and router installation.

• Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery.

• Onsite Virus removal / Firewall Protection.

• Custom Web Design.

• Search Engine Optimization.

• Firewall and virus protection.

• Spyware shields, Pop-Up Blockers.

• System Restoration.

• Software and Hardware upgrades.

• General Maintenance.

• OnSite Computer Tutoring.

• System Restoration.

• DSL Configuration.

• Server Support and setups.

• Exchange Server Installations.

• SAP Installations.

• Small and Medium Business Support.

Few Words About Us

• Currently available to customers in Delhi, NCR and North India, vCares is aggressively expanding to several new geographies across the country.

• vCares combines superior talent with proprietary technology to deliver superior, cost-effective computer support to individuals and small businesses in Delhi, NCR and North India at an irresistible price. vCares’s knowledge database, grows with every interaction by capturing the problem, its solution and the specifications of the computer hardware, software and any relevant peripherals involved. The database also contains customer demographic information as well as call history so that the customer support technician can provide assistance that is specific to the individual caller’s needs and equipments.

• Every time a contact is made with vCares the technician references the history of incidents and the customer’s profile to deliver a faster service that is personalized. Enabling less-than-one-minute connectivity and with the ability to schedule a session with a preferred technician, vCares provides the best technical support experience.

vCares’s strategy has been to hire the best talent in the market. vCares’s customer support staff undergoes an intensive training program that includes Voice & Accent, Technical Skills, and mandatory Microsoft Certification for Support Technicians. Above all, vCares focuses on each technician’s ability to listen to customers as they define their problems and then communicate an effective resolution.

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